Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Cruise Control

The worlds first realistic driving simulator.
In its review of the game 'Real Arcade' magazine was quoted as saying that "cruise control is the next best thing to driving".
A review by 'True Arcade' magazine said "If you can tell the difference between this and driving then you need to get your eyes checked."

Ken was never a fan of traveling and it was said that he only traveled a meager 87.9 miles in his whole life. This said Ken was never a man to begrudge others of their fancies so he added Cruise Control to his collection in late 72 . As would have it one of Ken's relations was quite fond of driving even though he didn't have a license due to crippling short sightedness and was quite happy when Ken made this purchase.

To Play: Click the start text and then use your keyboard arrow keys to control your car on the road.

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