Friday, 15 January 2010

Tee off 74

Originally named Alan Rickman's Tee-off 74 the games designers had to change the name to just Tee-off after Alan Rickman pulled out of the project.
His stated reason was that the game was just too challenging and no one knew who he was yet so he didn't want to cut his acting career short before it had even started. This was a smart move on his part as Bruce Willis has been quoted multiple times as saying that he will not work with anyone associated with golfing merchandise and golf promotion, which would have ruined die hard one.

Ken was an avid field hockey fan and as no one ever makes games about hockey that is played on grass he decided on purchasing a number of golf games to try and fill the void.

To Play:  Click on the Tee off text and then click the hole one text to start the most challenging round of golf you have ever experienced. Use the space bar to swing.

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