Friday, 15 January 2010

Platforms of Peril

Notorious for being one of the hardest games of the 70s, Platforms of Peril had it all, an engrossing story fast paced action and engaging characters.

It is said that only one man in the whole decade of the 70s completed platforms of peril and that shortly after he lost on of his arms. It is unclear as to whether this was in any way related to the game but sobering none the less. Of course, over the years the general populations skill at computer games had increased dramatically leading to platforms of peril's difficulty being decreased slightly but it is still a reasonable challenge to all but the most highly skilled of us joystick jockeys today.

Ken actually received this game as a gift from his 3rd wife.

To Play:  Click on Platforms of Peril and then hit the space bar to begin. Use the space bar to jump.

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