Friday, 15 January 2010

Ultimate Zeus

The sequel to the highly popular Ultimate Thor, Ultimate Zeus took many of the popular elements from Ultimate Thor and improves on them.

Ultimate Thor

Do you ever wish you were a god? Do you wish you had the power to smite people at will? Well prepare to get behind one of the most powerful hammers in the entire western world.

Tee off 74

Originally named Alan Rickman's Tee-off 74 the games designers had to change the name to just Tee-off after Alan Rickman pulled out of the project.

Platforms of Peril

Notorious for being one of the hardest games of the 70s, Platforms of Peril had it all, an engrossing story fast paced action and engaging characters.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Jumping Game

The Jumping Game was added to Ken's Arcade late into 1978 and was popular with both players and Ken as two people could play simultaneously meaning more fun for them and more money for Ken.

Ghost Racer

This game began life in Ken's arcade set to accept 2 pence pieces but due to its massive popularity 4 months later it was increased to 5 pence.

Cruise Control

The worlds first realistic driving simulator.
In its review of the game 'Real Arcade' magazine was quoted as saying that "cruise control is the next best thing to driving".

Cowboy Hunter

"The Grand Theft Auto of the 1970s" was a famous quote about Cowboy Hunter.

Castle of Adventure

One of the first games that Ken's arcade fielded. Designed by little known Danish games developer Gnorditch GĂ„mes.