Friday, 15 January 2010

Ultimate Zeus

The sequel to the highly popular Ultimate Thor, Ultimate Zeus took many of the popular elements from Ultimate Thor and improves on them.
While both Ultimate Thor and Ultimate Zeus were highly popular in Norway and Sweden it was only Ultimate Zeus that really caught on in the UK.

Originally developed by an unknown bedroom coder from Silstrup in Denmark, the ultimate series was taken on by publishing and developing giant 'Meat Hammer Games' after the first game was completed. The massive quality increase between Ultimate Thor and Ultimate Zeus is evidence to the game being taken on by such a powerhouse of yesteryear.

At first Ken was dubious of buying Ultimate Zeus after the relative unpopularity of Ultimate Thor but his love of the arcade medium persuaded him to make the purchase. Needless to say Ultimate Zeus made back its cost and the cost of Ultimate Thor within a few months.

To play: Click the start button and then use the space button to smite the unholy.

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